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Bångbro Manor is an old mansion that was built in the 1850s as managing housing for Bångbro Iron Verks founder Leo Wallmo.

During 1987, was purchased by the family mansion Westlund and a hotel and restaurants became established in the property.

During 1990 and the mansion was built with a gentle hand and adapted to a modern banquet and conference facility.

But the genuine mansion atmosphere remains!

An environment full of opportunities

One of the municipality’s seven wonders. The canal was dug by hand through difficult terrain, under even more difficult conditions and is today a very beautiful promenade.
In summer you have the opportunity to experience world-class opera on top of Opera on insert, only a quarter drive away. About as close you will find Stjernfors golf course, our local scenic 9-hole course.

A little further north is Heel, a recreational area where you among other things can get to see the moose hang, hike along Bergslagsleden and swim in the indoor pool.
During winter season, heel downhill with a modern lift system, ski trails, miles of snowmobile trails, and excellent opportunities jigging.

If instead you turn a turn into Kopparberg center, you can walk into a well-preserved and picturesque mining district with its distinctive red houses and one of the most beautiful churches!
Or do you stay in the manor’s proximity and take a walk along the pond and enjoying the fresh evening air and the rich nature around Bångbro channel. A nature experience in itself!

The manor's history

Bångbro manor ‘s history is directly associated with Bångbroverkens history. The farm was built in the 1870s as managing housing for Bångbro Iron Verks founder Leo Wallmo.

However, it took only a few years so faces bankruptcy and Leo Wallmo was destitute.

Bankruptcy estate was bought in 1875 by Motala Shipyard and operations in Bångbroverken grew rapidly. In 1882 , the staff strength of 325 people. But it became difficult to profitability and iron mill was sold to Company Bångbro Ironworks.

Baron Carl Klinspor bought the business in 1895 and called it Bångbro pipework. In 1926 went pipework bankrupt. 1929 took Hellefors Manufactures Movement over and sold in 1957 to SKF.

In 1979 the name was changed to SKF Steel Strip Ltd which in 1982 became a wholly owned subsidiary of Uddeholm Strip Steel AB.
After many years of financial difficulties was Bångbroverken finally down to 1987 emptied the factory premises. This was also sold the mansion to the family Westlund.

Text: Anders Almgren